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Monday, May 6, 2024
Under St. Mark’s Theater
94A St. Mark’s Place
New York, NY
tickets available via frigid.nyc

written by Layli Rohani directed by Melissa Ingle featuring Kerrie Bond, Elena Lozonschi, & Sarah Schoofs
“All the Magic We Make”
written by Robert A. K. Gonyo directed by Jesse Edward Rosbrow featuring Danielle Kendler-Rhodes & Hraban …
written by Roderick MacInnes directed by Sarah Connolly featuring Ben Dworken, Lee Tyler, & Zach Wobensmith
“When in Rome…Or, all roads lead to Rome, or a box?They’re both Beige.”
written by Victoria Masteller directed by Ria T. DiLullo featuring Ria T. DiLullo, Tiffany Renelle, & …
“Trudith Comes to Clowntown”
written & directed by Duncan Pflaster featuring Ed Malin & Thammie Laine Quách
“Five Beats Per Minute and Thirty-Seven Degrees Fahrenheit”
written by David H Rosen directed by Danielle Kendler-Rhodes featuring Chris Emanuel, Elena Lozonschi, & Lee …
“Medvedia Katarzia”
written by Roderick MacInnes directed by Zach Wobensmith featuring Lea McKenna-Garcia & Layli Rohani, with live …
“Let’s Get Together”
written by Jen Browne directed by Olivia Webb featuring Kerrie Bond, Sabrina Gómez, Olivia Webb, & …
“Love Means Never Having to Say You Showered”
written by Ed Malin directed by Mila Besson featuring Mila Besson, Veronica Dang, & Kathryn Fabbroni …
“Ay, I: Don’t Know What’s Happening”
written by Duncan Pflaster directed by Cat Plazas featuring Tiffany R. Adams, Mike Durell, & Cat …

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